Teddy Bear Museum

When Teddy Bear company opened a gallery in Heyri, South Korea, I could participate on this project. Basic concept of this exhibition was how to make Teddy Bear friendly. However, this was a permanent exhibition, there are some limitations which workpiece must be safe and durable. To make them friendly, we though out several concepts and executed four of them.

Teddy Bear Museum Exhibition.


2 thoughts on “Teddy Bear Museum”

  1. The way how teddybears were expressed inside famous art pieces were impressive. Especially, where one opened up a friendly teddybear face inside the face of Vincent Van Gogh. In one point of view, the face seemed to be caricatured in some way which gave a little humor inside the actual painting. By this way, however, I think the aim of making teddybears look more friendly was successfully achieved.
    Thank you.

    1. Thank you for your replying. It’s an honor. but. the things is…this project wasn’t my type though…

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