How can we collaborate with other divisions in an office.

When I worked for The Mobile Middleware Company, I realised that a single product involves different kinds of knowledge and work groups. However, our consciousness has a limitation to cope with those and each group contributing towards the project can easily forget the bigger picture. Therefore, I decided to sketch up examples of those situations. I drew up some forms of my office and programmed one of them.

Each dot positioned in the white circle panel, means “Idea Object”. After beginning of an idea, we can choose several options – develop, reserve, check, delete, as in a Venn diagram. If one of those is developed, it records and shows elements of the idea and process. In addition, each white circle is surrounded by three environments and each element of the idea objects are linked with one of environments to show that which environment the idea comes from.

Although, I couldn’t finish this personal sketch, it was meaningful trial for me.

2 thoughts on “How can we collaborate with other divisions in an office.”

  1. 황상 안뇽ㅎ
    난 상표 ㅋ
    여기 언제 이렇게 블로그로 바뀌었네 ㅎ
    그리고 위에 것은 ㅋㅋㅋ
    퇴사할때 컴터 정리하다가 나오던데 ㅎ

    자주 와야겠군 ㅎ
    그나저나 여긴 영어가 너무 많아…머리아퍼…ㅋ

    1. 앗. 형 안녕하세요~
      요즘 워드프래스 안에 뒤져보느라
      이래저래 시도중이였다는

      저도 몇일전에 형 블로그 들어가서.
      입 떡하니 벌어지고 말았다는.

      4월에 한국가면 찾아뵐께요~!

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